Some of our confirmed speakers and topics:

David Goldblatt

Serocorrelates of protection- licensure of new vaccines

Katarina Ronacher

Immunometabolism and TB

Jean – Marie Andrieu

Towards a tolerogenic HIV vaccine

Musa Mhlanga

Trained Immunity

Caroline Tiemessen

Towards HIV Cure

Penny Moore

The future of passive immunity

Al Leslie

Immunology at the site of disease in TB patients

Adri Steyn

Metabolism and TB

Thumbi Ndung'u

Topic TBC

Andre van Niekerk

Human microbiome, and associated downstream immune-related disease

Zaza Ndhlovu

Topic TBC

Tom Scriba

Vaccination against TB

Shabir Madhi Potential and challenges of maternal immunization in preventing adverse fetal outcome sand protecting young infants