Prof. Debbie Glencross

Prof. Debbie Glencross is a University of the Witwatersrand Research Professor and an NHLS haematologist with 32 years of laboratory, research and teaching experience. She is a National Research Foundation (NRF) internationally-recognized B-rated researcher and has received multiple local and international awards for her work. Of note especially amongst her achievements was the development of the novel and substantially cheaper PLG CD4 assay, currently used in ~50 NHLS/CD4 laboratories. Prof. Glencross’ NPP/CD4 team have further built up and extended support structures to manage, monitor and provide training for the implementation of PLG/CD4 in the NHLS since 2004. Several diverse and novel quality control systems have been implemented from establishing an African Regional Quality Assessment CD4 Scheme to quality control tools like Flow-Count-Rate (FCR) which ensure unique built-in sample-by-sample quality control for 3.5 million of NHLS CD4 tests performed each year. More recently, her team have introduced systems to enable real-time monitoring of turnaround times (TAT) across the top 25 highest volume tests in the NHLS. These practical and user friendly dashboards will enable NHLS business and laboratory managers across the NHLS to document test repertoire TAT as well as identify laboratories at risk of or failing service delivery performance targets. Prof. Glencross’ other research interests center around Leukaemia and Lymphoma diagnostics and flow cytometry.