Andrew Moore

Andrew Moore studied chemistry and biochemistry at Cambridge University, UK, and obtained his PhD from the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology also in Cambridge. After a post-doc at the LMB, he was hired by the European Molecular Biology Organization to start and manage the Science & Society Programme, consisting of the creation and organization of a wide range of activities supporting communication of science, science education and policy development. During these nine years, he was also Associate Editor of the scientific journal EMBOreports, where he also wrote on a variety of topics at the interface of science and applications of science. In 2008 he joined Wiley-VCH as Editor-in-Chief of the hypotheses and reviews journal BioEssays, and in 2016 he was additionally made Editor-in-Chief of the Wiley Researcher Academy, a learning platform for young scientists. He regularly gives talks and workshops on science writing and editorial at institutes and meetings, writes feature articles on science, editorial, communication, education and policy, and in 2021 became freelance.